• The Hand Block Print Story

    Block printing is one of the oldest form of printing and it’s believed this method is over 12,000 years old.

    The skill is generally past down from generation to generation and it is a very skilled art form, where a design is hand carved into a wooden blocks and natural dyes are used for printing.

    The fabrics are then dried in the sunshine before the tailors create beautiful garments.

  • The Vintage Sari Story

    The humble sari is at the core of Pink Lemons, we love working with beautiful  vintage textiles and this is one of our favourite fabrics.

    We take great pride to bring new life to vintage fabrics and we do the upmost during our selection process to obtain the finest vintage textiles, carefully hand picked by our founder Leah .

    We have been working with the vintage Sari since 2018, it is always exciting hand picking each sari that have come from all over India, their beautiful prints and colours is at the heart of Pink Lemons.

    We up-cycle these fabrics into dreamy silhouettes to last season after season , giving women a colourful ,green and unique wardrobe .

  • Hand Screen Printing Story

    Our hand silk screen printing is done by Artisans, who use a traditional frame method on our 100% Organic cotton fabric with eco dyes. The ink is squeezed over the screen, creating intricate patterns on the fabrics , sometimes a few screens need to be used to create the design and all the colours. The artisans need a in-depth knowledge of how to layer the colours in each design which generally is past down threw the generations. The fabric is dried in the sunshine and then made into pretty silhouettes.

  • The Deadstock Collection

    Our Deadstock Collection represents our enduring roots within the world of sustainability.

    Every piece gathered here is made from rescued and revitalised fabric that would otherwise be cast aside and eventually end up in the land fill.

    In giving these unique fabrics another life cycle , we in turn are helping the environment and Mother Nature and also creating  something unique and

  • Organic Cotton

    We believe in working with organic cotton fabrics as its better for water than conventionally produced cotton, better for the environment and for the people who harvest this crop.

    Organic is the only system which eliminates highly toxic substances from the environment and instead works holistically for the long term health of people and planet.

  • Wool collection

    Where possible we create woollen clothing using Fair Trade hand knitted Wool/mohair or Wool/organic cotton which is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment and the people who work with it.  

  • Sustainable Jewellery Collection

    All ethical standard practises are adhered to for all employees working on the production of our sustainable jewellery collection.